15 Best Beach in Nantucket ,Massachusetts


Nantucket is a small island which part of the U.S state of Massachusetts, the island is located about 30km to 50 kilometres south of Cape, it is one of the best summer colonies in the united state, and it welcomes at least 50,000 tourists during the summer period.

The island’s Average temperature during the cold months is around 40 Fahrenheit(4 Centigrade) while the Average temperature during the warmest month, July & August punctuate around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, 24-degree Centrgree, the weather is not stable as its temperature depends and it is heavily influenced by the Atlantic Ocean.

The island Shore is divided into three sections, the South Shore Beaches, East shore Beaches, and The North shore Beach, with each shore having its feature, some of the shores are suitable for children while some are not.

The South Shore Beaches: in the south shore beaches, the water is cooler than the other North and east shores, most shores of the beaches have high surf, and a strong current, the surfer should be careful and know how to handle the tide in case they are caught in one, the shore is not advisable for children, the parent should mo,nitor their ward


The North Shore Beaches: the Beaches have lower tide and low current which is suitable for children, unlike the South shore which has high current and high tide, it is the best Shore for  children and family 

The East Shore Beaches: the east shore beach is one of the best shores in Nantucket, it has an inner harbour and the beaches are adventurous, some beaches there are accessible by bike path or shuttle Bus.

Nantucket Beach is a great place for adventurers, having highlighted the best part of the beach for surfers, families, children, individuals and Couples, below are the top 15 Best Beaches in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

1 . Jetties Beach

In the 1990s, Jessie beach was one of the best beaches for swimming as it is now, it is one of the best beaches on the island, located on the North shore beaches of the island, and it is closer to downtown. It is an excellent beach for families with young kids, it has an easy ride from downtown, lifeguards, showers, takeout food, and restaurant are available, and the water is calm and suitable for swimming as it has a low tide and no strong current, it is also good for children who find shells, it is also good for those who plan to host event beside beaches. The beach is excellent except for the Seagulls who are aggressive, they pick your food at the slightest moment if you are not careful and drag it into the sea while eating you should be careful, the beach is also covered with Broken shells so you can’t walk barefooted 


2. Nobadeer beach(South shore):

located on the south Shore of Nantucket Island, Nobadeer beach is one of the most popular beaches in Nantucket that is popular with youth, this is due to its ability to drive to the beach, food is occasionally distributed by the food truck and the Lifeguard is friendly, the beach is closer to the surfside beach and near to the airport, you can have the clearer glimpse of planes taking off when surfing, the beach can be difficult due to its due slope that rises at a very sharp angle and it is difficult to go up, besides this a beach is an excellent place for an adventure.

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3. Children Beach(North shore)

Children beach as it implies is the best beach in Nantucket for families who came with their kids, located in the middle of the town 

The beach is best for swimming as it is located on the North shore which experienced low tides and current, the beach is perfect for small children, a park playground, restroom, shower and lifeguard are also available, in case you want more tours you can visit Brant point lighthouse, Whaling museum, Peter Foulger museum, Nantucket Cookie company and lot more.

4. Coskata Beach/Coatue(East Shore):

Coskata beach/Coatue is part of the Coskata/Coatue Wildlife Range. it is managed and controlled by the Trustees of the foundation, and the refuge span 104 acres encompassing the beaches. the wildlife refuge is a popular warm-weather destination and a remote barrier beach. The beach Rolling maritime maritime dune cover hundreds of acres and supports bayberry, beach plum, Heather and beach grass, access to the refuge is not wide, and the soft sand can be tarred by 4-wheeled motors, it is the best for those seeking adventure.

5 . Siasconet Beach(East shore)

Siasconet beach is located at the end of Nantucket end which is about eight miles from the town, the beach derives its name from Sconset which is the name it is commonly called, Sconset was originally a fishing village which later evolved and bends into the modern way of life by transforming the village and building a new home, the beach is located at the end of Milestone Road, it has heavy Surf with heavy current and wave, there are lifeguards but no food or restrooms at the beach, you have to walk to the village to get that which you will short walk to the village to get that, Regular shuttle service or 6mile ride the n the paved bike path. The surf is can be very heavy with a strong current, so children are not advised to swim.

6. Low Beach(South shore)

Are you an introvert or someone who loves to stay away from the crowd, then this beach is for you, located between Sconset and Tom Nevers Pond, it is about 7miles from Nantucket Village, and it is the best beach for someone who loves privacy, the beach is great to stay away from crowds and even see some wildlife, this beach has deeper water and can have fast moving current with a potential of high turf, so swimming is advisable for the Experienced swimmer or better still, you can swim with your buddy in case of any sudden event as there is no lifeguard, there is plenty of restrooms, to duke yourself but there is no food or beverage, to get this you have to walk pretty of a long hike to get it from Sconset.

7. Fisherman Beach(South Shore)

located between Nobadeer to the left and Surfside to the right, Fisherman beach is quieter than every other beach because of a low visitor who visit there, it can be accessed through the parking lot on fisherman Beach off-road of Nonantum, the wooden steps will lead you to the waterfront, you have to drive through a rutted dirt road to get to the beach due to the erosion, but the beach is best for its Broad sandy which is beautiful at all times, it is good for Fishing in the evening, it is also good for the surfer who loves Surfing but the Surf can be rough as it has High current, there is no lifeguard, no food, no bathrooms and no food service.

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8 . Madaket Beach(South shore)

madaket beach is located southwest of the island at the far western end of the beach. Madaket is a popular beach which is notable for its Incredible Sunset, the beach is also notable for surfers who flock to the beaches during the summer for big waves and privacy surfing, it is the perfect place to fly a kite, but be sure to be mindful of the Beach current which can be very high and quite dangerous sometimes. in getting to Madaket there are two ways, which is either by Shuttle bus, the shuttle bus runs in the summer, you can also get there through bike through the paved bike path, there is some lifeguard but not throughout the length of the beach, the beach is unguarded, so be mindful and be careful, no food, no restroom, so when coming to be sure to bring foods and picnic.

9. Ladies Beach(South shore)

Located south of Bartlett farm and within the smooth Hummocks Coastal preserves, in getting there turn right to Bartlet farm and follow the unpaved road to the end you will find the end that leads to lady beach,  though this beach did not have basic amenities like food, Bathroom and even facilities, it is one of the best beaches in Nantucket, especially for those who love to stay away from crowd or public, cause the beach is not overcrowded like another beach in Nantucket, you can admire the sun when the golden hour arrives which make all the surrounding calms down, the beach is also the best beach for the expert swimmer or surfer, the current and waves are strong sometimes and cannot be unpredictable, As an introvert or someone who loves stating away from the public it is the best beach.

10. Cisco Beach(South shore)

Located along with South shore of the coast four-mile bike ride to the end of Hummock Pond end, the beach has a high Surf which makes it popular with youth and surfers, in getting to the beach there is a well-paved bike path that leads to the occasional foggy parking lot, there are lifeguard stationed there, but there are no food or basic amenities, but as Surfer you can enjoy the high tide, the beach is not suitable for Family who came with their children as this tide is dangerous for children, you should also be careful of undertow and rip tides.

11. Nobadeer Beach(South shore)

Located on the South shore of the Island of Nantucket, this beach is popular with Youth and it is located beside the Airport which means you can have clarity of the Plane’s moves, the beach is also popular among the youth because you can drive on the beach, the beach is good for a picnic, Surfing cause there are high tides for the surfer, it is also good for games played in the beach, the most popular played by a teenager in the beach is volleyball and football, so you can have pretty of fun if you are game lover, the beach is noted for beach parties and blaring music sound emitting from the speaker.

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12. Surfside Beach(South shore)

Surfside beach is one of the most popular beaches in Nantucket. the beach is located at the end of surfside road you can access the beach through a three-mile ride on a paved bike path or you can take the NRTA shuttle, though they can be very high sometimes.

It is the best beach that it is good for Picnic, Games, and parties and it is even good for flying Kite, you can watch the clear of planes but it is advisable not to fly kite near the airport, the beach has Lifeguard, Foodservice, there is a lot of parking space for scooter bikes and Mopeds, showers and diaper changing station for your kids, it is good for gathering shells in the morning and surfing in the evening, but the surf can be high, the beach is often crowded and often packed with Visitor, for someone who loves attending public d attending large events where there is a lot of people, it is the best beach 

13. miacomet Beach(South shore):

Located at the South shore of Nantucket. Miacomet is good for those looking for surfing on the beach but at end of the mia-comet beach can be dangerous there are lifeguards, and there is parking space and there are amenities or food service, those with Children can visit Miacomet pond. Miacomet pond is part of mia comet and it is a great pond for children, it stretches about 1.5miles line, and the pond has varieties of fish in it which include inland ducks, sea ducksswansan, and painted turtles, you should watch out for snapping turtles cause they can be encountered.

14 . Francis street Beach (North shore)

Located on the North shore, it is great for swimming and Kayaking even if you are not an expert as it has low tides, it is very calm water which makes it safe for swimming, there are no lifeguards, but the beach might not be for someone who loves to be alone and who loves staying away from the public, as the beach is always overcrowded because of it’s calm waters and their lot of seaweed and Shell, so don’t walk barefooted.

15.40th Pole Beaches (North shore)

Located on The North shore of the island of 40th Pole beaches, the water is calm and it has small waves which make it the best place for families and Children, the beach can be accessed by walking on foot or by vehicle, and there is a parking lot and vehicles are allowed to drive in the beach, but there is no lifeguard, the beach can also be overcrowded due to its low wave.

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