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Bitter Truth 'SOME' Ladies Must Swallow

Bitter Truth 'SOME' Ladies Must Swallow. PHOTO: Tina Johnson


Some girls don't have anything else to offer apart from looking sexy. Argue all you want, but this is the truth.

Most ladies spend all their time and resources on their appearance forgetting that a man is not going to be horny forever. A Man's prick will not stand forever, note this.

My sister, there are times when he is going to need a real woman to share his worries with and your miniskirt, long lashes, waist beads and legs chain won't bring anything to the table. There would be days he would need your managerial qualities but you are only used to living lavish. Slay mama!

Dear Ladies, don't spend all your days making up, doing nails and turning up anywhere the Dj takes his speaker to.

I'm not saying looking good is a taboo but my point is, Build yourself. Learn and practice things that can add value to your life. Men needs women that can add value, that have vision, that can handle their resources very well.

Being beautiful and sexy doesn't prevent you from still being dump at the end of the day. Men needs responsible mothers to their unborn children, not just a SLAY QUEEN.

Somebody's son will never never find you if your brain is empty.

Remember your kids need a sound mother. (I off my mic).
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