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Reason Some Ladies Are Not Married

Reason Some Ladies Are Not Married

"I know exactly what I want, when I see my man I'll know" says a beautiful advanced lady, forgetting that every reasonable man knows what he wants too.

Every reasonable lady while growing up always have the picture of the man she wants to marry in mind.

When any man comes to her, she checks her list to know if he matches with the picture.

It's very good right, you need to know what you want and stick to it. You have a choice of course.

Now let me shock you.
At a point, you need to reevaluate the list and at the same time reevaluate yourself.

Your dream man is somewhere, most times very close to you. But your list won't let you see him. Quality and valuable things are not always exposed.

Also, most times your dream man can't come to you because you do not meet his own check list too. Of course men do have their own check list.

Now you need to pay less attention to your check list and work on yourself.  Just like a miracle, your dream man will come for you.

In conclusion, as you look at your check list, look at yourself too.

Most times you might be your own problem. Be approachable, be loveable.


By: Tina Johnson
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