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Amba fighters declare full-fledged war on Cameroonian forces

Amba fighters declare full-fledged war on Cameroonian forces
Separatist fighters during October 1, 2022 celebration

Separatist fighters in the Anglophone region of Cameroon have declared full-fledged war on government forces, with no ultimatum for them to leave as of October 1, 2022.

A group of fighters known as the Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces in the Meme Division announced on October 1 that Cameroonian soldiers operating in Kumba and other villages will be the target of massive attacks.

A leader of the fighters popularly known as Major General Transporter spoke during the celebrations for the self-proclaimed Oct. 1 independence day, saying the separatists will step up attacks that will force Cameroon authorities to leave the troubled breakaway region.

In other parts of the English-speaking separatist region of Cameroon, armed separatist fighters in military uniform paraded on major roads and cities displaying their weaponry during the celebration on October 1, 2022.

Locals from many communities were also seen participating in the celebration.

Meanwhile, analysts and security experts have reiterated the call for dialogue with the separatists, warning that the fighting that has caused many deaths and thousands of displaced persons will worsen in the coming months.

“Dialogue is a step to ending the conflict, but it is now obvious that the Paul Biya government doesn't want to dialogue with them. If this continues, Cameroon will completely loss control of this region," said Dr. Sakwe Patrice.
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