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Armed assailants kill 15 and injure 40 in southern Fars

Armed assailants kill 15 and injure 40 in Iran's southern Fars

A shooting at a popular shrine in Iran's southern province of Fars left at least 15 people dead and 40 injured on Wednesday.

Three gunmen attacked the shrine of Shah Cheragh in the historic city of Shiraz and opened fire on pilgrims, local media said.

Authorities said two of the gunmen have been apprehended, but findings are underway to apprehend the third assailant who fled the scene.

According to the report, two children and a woman were among the victims of the attack on the shrine which houses the tomb of a revered Shia scholar.

The attack came amid widespread protests over the death of an Iranian lady, Mahsha Amini, who died in police custody last month.
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