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ISIS Now Operates in Nigeria - Report

ISIS Now Operates in Nigeria
ISIS fighters

Southern Youth Forum, SYF, has alleged the presence of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group in Nigeria, stating that they are preparing for a series of attacks in the country.

Comrade Dezia Kue, spokesman for the sociopolitical group, made the claim on Saturday after the United States issued a security alert for Nigeria and asked its citizens to leave Abuja, the territory of the federal capital.

In a brief statement, Kue said that the security alert issued by the US is proof that Boko Haram and the armed Fulani militia have formed an alliance with ISIS to carry out a massive attack in the country.

According to Kue, intelligence report revealed that ISIS training camps have existed in the northeast since 2020, and its fighters have infiltrated Abuja to carry out attacks.

“The security agencies should look beyond Abuja because now they are almost everywhere. They might have also infiltrated our security agencies,” Kue said, adding that the terror group has planted spies across the country.

"This is not the exclusive job of security agencies, everyone should be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.”
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