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Scotland to hold second referendum for breakaway from UK

Scotland to hold second referendum for breakaway from UK
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Scotland will hold a second referendum by October 19, 2023, said First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who added that the referendum will only take place if the Supreme Court allows it.

Sturgeon said on Monday the court hearing would not be necessary if Westminster respected Scottish democracy, but the Supreme Court will consider whether current law allows the Scottish Parliament to legislate for the breakaway referendum.

At Scottish National Party (SNP) conference in Aberdeen, Sturgeon said Scotland had everything it needed to survive as an independent country and even be better off outside the United Kingdom, saying that the government of  Westminster sent thousands of citizens into hardship.

She said her government will release documents making the economic case for Scotland's independence.

The first referendum for Scotland to break free from the UK was held in 2014, where 55.3% of votes were cast to remain in the UK.

Scotland had left the EU in 2016 even as 62% voted to remain in the bloc.

The Supreme Court is expected to decide whether the next independence referendum will take place next year, as Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP want.
* News Agencies contributed to this report
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