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Things You Should Not Say To Your Partner

Things You Should Not Say To Your Partner

The book of Proverbs 21:23 says
Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.

There are some irreparable words that damages marriage/relationship and such hurtful words is caused by anger. 

When anger is encouraged by one or both spouses, angry and battering words ensue and the damages done by those words most times take a painfully long time to deal with, that is, if the couple will be willing to deal with them.


1. Why can’t you be like that woman or that man?
2. My life was better without you.
3.You have brought me nothing but misery.
4. I wish I never met you.
5. Your parents didn’t raise you right, that’s why you behave so badly towards me.
6. I hate you.
7. When will you grow up to your responsibilities in this home?
8. You are irritating.
9. You are such a fool.
10. I should have listened better to God, I am sure He didn’t want me to marry you.
11. You are the greatest mistake I have ever made in life.
12. Your parents didn’t model a good marriage to you, no wonder we have to go through all of this.
13. What will you ever do right in your life?
14. Your family sucks.
15. I regret every marrying you.

Couples should learn to talk over issues in a calm and understanding manner. Rather try to find a solution and not compound problems.

When there's a misunderstanding, try to control your anger or rather walk away from the scene inorder to calm your mind down.

Remember, some hurtful words can destroy your marriage/relationship and inflict everlasting wound in your partner's heart.

Just be careful

Tina Johnson
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