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When Another Woman Is Getting Your Husband's Attention

You need to get up as wife and break that flow. I didn't say fight, accuse him of affair, scatter everywhere or warn him, I said, break the flow...the growing bond between them.

Sometimes people wait till it is too late before thinking of forestalling an impending danger.

If your husband keeps praising a particular woman whether friend, colleague, mentor, mentee, Pastor's wife, counsellor, etc, you need to find out what she is doing to him, give him double and phase her out of his life.

Call it competition, yes.

If he praises her dressing, he is attracted to her dressing, you must consciously step up the way you dress, if it is the time and attention she gives him, you have to spend more time with him and give him extra attention, if it is her cooking skill, you need to step up, if it is the admiration and respect she shows him, you need to do more.

People go where their needs are met.

Men go where their needs are met.

If you don't meet his needs and another woman does so, he will bond without even knowing why! Not everyone carries their 2 legs to go look for affair. Affair sometimes happen to love starved men and women!

Break the bond between them consciously, prayerfully, wisely and quietly. Warning him to desist from such women is the last thing to do if every other method didn't work.

Men will do well to tell their wives their needs and teach her to meet them before they reach their breaking point.

Once you notice a man is giving you excessive attention as a woman, you need to move back so he can concentrate on his marriage.

A counsellee once told me I was giving him the attention his wife ought to because I often check up on him online and ask how he is fairing. The moment I heard that, I reduced the conversation and  requested both he and his wife should come for counselling.

I told a man experiencing some financial set back he could get his fortune back if he aimed high.

Written by — Tina Johnson
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