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10 terrorism suspects detained in latest raid in West Bank

10 terrorism suspects detained in latest raid in West Bank
IDF operating in the West Bank to arrest terror suspects, August 11, 2022.

Reports said Israeli security forces carried out the latest series of raids in the West Bank overnight Wednesday, arresting 10 suspected Palestinian terrorists and confiscating unlawfully stored firearms throughout the territory.

The raid coincided with the general election in the country, that saw the security arrangements ramped up throughout the country.

Hours later, a Palestinian rammed his vehicle into an Israeli soldier at a West Bank checkpoint; though seriously wounded, the soldier managed to gun down the assailant as he stepped out of the vehicle wielding a knife. 

Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the Shin Bet security agency and Border Police operated at a number of West Bank locations, including the villages of Mizre, Arora, Haras and Kifel Herat.

The forces operated in the flashpoint city of Hebron where they arrested four wanted suspects and confiscated illegally stored weapons. 

In the village of Anta, a man suspected of involvement in shooting attacks against Israelis was arrested and an M16 weapon, which he held illegally, was confiscated.

In the area of ​​the Menashe regional division, the forces operated in the village of Nur-a-Shams and the city of Tulkarm, where two wanted persons were seized and detained.

The arrests were part of the "Break the Wave" counter-terrorism operation that features nightly raids of Palestinian towns and villages in search of terrorism suspects; it was initiated in response to a series of deadly attacks on Israeli civilians earlier this year, i24news reports.
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