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How A Wife Can Add Value To Her Husband's Life


A wife is an helpmate to her husband according to the scripture. A woman who does not add value to a Man's life is a  PARASITE and once you're a parasitic you have failed as woman.

Being a wife goes beyond doing house chores. Your husband's life must change once he got married to you. Don't just be a wife, be an added value wife. 

There are many ways a woman can add value to a man's life but let me mention but a few.

1. You can add Value to His life by Learning a Skill or getting a Job so you can be supportive financially.

2. You can add Value to his life by not pressuring him into into things you guys aren't yet ready for...Learn to be patient, In due Course you will have all you need.

3. You can add Value to his life by not being unnecessarily troublesome or disrespectful. Everyman needs peace of mind.

4. You can add Value to his life by not comparing Him to other men...knowing that  He is doing his best, just that His finance is not yet strong.

5. By Always reminding him that he's the  best thing that has ever happened to you, that you feel lucky having him.
Do not make him feel like a mistake.

6. By being a praying Woman. Prayer Break barriers, prayer Changes Conditions, prayer Is the key to every successful relationship.
You must pray!

7. You can add value to his Life by Knowing that your Husband is your Lord and not your Pastor...Adore him, Worship Him, love him, correct him with respect. And Support Him in every way you can.

Be a Woman of Value, not a parasite.

Written by — Tina Johnson
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