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Russia responds to EU resolution calling it a sponsor of terrorism

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. 📸 Reuters

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the European Parliament, which passed a resolution calling Russia a sponsor of terrorism, should be named a "sponsor of idiocy".

In a document backed by 494 MEPs, with 58 votes against and 44 abstentions on Wednesday, the EU passed the resolution calling Russia a sponsor of terrorism for invading Ukraine.

The document urges member states to develop a new legal framework, which would allow Russia to be blacklisted on terrorism grounds.

Zakharova criticized the European Parliament and said the resolution was not binding.

She called the parliament a sponsor of idiocy, saying the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces was not a wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, Moscow has called for worldwide denunciation of Russian POW execution by Ukrainian troops.

"We demand that international organisations condemn and thoroughly investigate this shocking crime. No atrocity committed by Ukrainian military units will remain unpunished. All those guilty and their accomplices will be identified and punished accordingly. Nobody will escape retribution," Zakharova said.

The video which has gone viral on the internet shows Ukrainian soldiers mercilessly shooting unarmed Russian POWs.

“The collective West that supports Kiev totally paid no attention to these numerous facts. Such approval by the US and European curators makes them accomplices to the crimes committed by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis whom they foster,” the diplomat added.
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