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Separatists kill retired soldier in Cameroon

A bar owner identified as a retired soldier died after he was shot multiple times by suspected separatist fighters in Sisia in Bamenda, a city in northwestern Cameroon.

An eyewitness told the Cameroon News Agency (CNA) that the victim popularly known as “Papi Solo” was shot three times by the armed men who invaded the bar on Thursday night.

According to the eyewitness who was in the bar when the incident occurred, the separatist fighters ordered everyone present in the bar to lie down on the floor, before they opened fire on the retired soldier after asking him some questions to which he did not answer.

They took his gun in a bag and his money, the witness said.

Attacks on government security agents and civilians suspected of being informants for government forces have increased in the English-speaking region of Cameroon.

The fighting, which has escalated, has displaced thousands of civilians and left many dead.

Activists and human rights groups accuse both government forces and separatist fighters of abuses, extrajudicial killings and crimes that also include rape.
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