Army Ranks In Nigeria And Salary 2024

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Army Ranks In Nigeria And Salary 2024. The Nigerian Army is one of the most respected Army in Africa and in the world at large. They have being in so many peace keeping missions in the world and is rated high when it comes to ground fight. Army Ranks In Nigeria is almost the same with that of the United States Army Ranks and the UK Army.

The ranks in the Nigerian Army is divided into two groups or categories. The commissionsd officers ranks and the Non commissionsd Officers ranks.

The commissionsd officers in the Nigerian Army are those who joined the Nigerian Army through the Nigerian Defence Academy or those who joined the Nigerian Army as a graduate. Which is also known as the Nigerian Army DSSC meaning direct short Service commission or SSC meaning Short Service combatant commission. You can read about the difference between DSSC and SSC in the Nigerian Army.or those who are converted as executive commission from non commissionsd officers.

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Army Ranks In Nigeria

The Non commissionsd officers are those who only receive a basic military training for the period of six months are are always give the rank of private on the completion of their military training. Please also note that the Non commissionsd officers also have two different categories, The Tradesmen and the Non Tradesmen. The tradesmen is for those that have civil trade test of any work they are practicing while the Non Tradesmen has no trade test or trade certificate. You can read about the difference between Tradesmen and non Tradesmen in the Nigerian Army.

Now, let’s see the Army Ranks In Nigeria and Amount each rank is being paid.

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Army Ranks In Nigeria 2024 And Salary

Army Salary In Nigeria for Non commissionsd officers

  1. Private Soldier – #50,300
  2. Lance Corporal – #57,300
  3. Coporal – #65,300
  4. Sergeant – #72,300
  5. Staff Sergeant – #90,300
  6. Warrant Officer – #110,300
  7. Master Warrant Officer – #150,300
  8. Army Warrant Officer – #180,300

Army Salary In Nigeria For Commissionsd Officers

  1. Second Lieutenant – #180,300
  2. Lieutenant – #220,300
  3. Captain – #240,300
  4. Major – #300,300
  5. Lieutenant Colonel – #350,300
  6. Colonel – #550,300
  7. Brigadier General (1 Star General) – #750,300
  8. Major General (2 Star General) – #950,300
  9. Lieutenant General (3 Star General) – 1 Million
  10.  General(4 Star General) – 1.5 Million.
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