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Biggest Stadiums in the World 2023

The biggest Stadium in the world is known as the stadium with the highest capacity of accommodating people. The football game is the game with the highest fans in the world, with over 2.5 billion people watching the game. So in order to contain this large number of fans; stadiums as big as possible are needed to be built. Although, many people and football fans have been calling camp Nou the home 2 Barcelona as the biggest stadium in the world we are as it is not even among the top 10 stadiums in the world. You can also read about Top 10 highest paid Footballers in the world.

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Biggest Stadiums in the World 2023

1. Rungrado Stadium

The Rungrado Stadium in known as the biggest stadium in the world with a total of 150,000 seat capacity located in north Korea.

Biggest Stadiums in the World

The stadium is not only meant to host football game as other sports events are also hosted. The parachute shaped stadium is also used for military parades in the country.

2. Sardar Patel Stadiu

The Patel Stadium is the second biggest stadium in the world with a total of 110,000 seats capacity located in Ahmedabad, India.

The stadium which is popularly known as montera stadium is the biggest cricket stadium in the world as it is used to host most cricket games.

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3. Michigan Stadium

The Michigan Stadium is the official stadium of the well known university located in USA known as University of Michigan. The stadium is the biggest Stadium in the USA.

It is mainly used to host college games and has a capacity of 107,601 seats.

4. Beaver Stadium

Beaver Stadium is number 4 on owe list of the biggest Stadium in The World 2023. Beaver stadium was officially opened In 1960 in Pennsylvania and home to the Pennsylvania state team popularly known as the Nittany lions.

It has a total capacity of 106,572 seats.

5. Ohio Stadium

The Ohio Stadium is located in Columbus area of the US. It was officially opened in 1922 before it was then refurbished and reopened in 2001. It is one of the biggest Stadiums in the world 2023.

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The Ohio Stadium which is popularly known as the “Horseshoe” stadium has a capacity of 102,780 seat.

The Stadiums mentioned above are the biggest Stadiums in the world presently.

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