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Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment Form 2024/2025

The Nigerian Air Force always inform the general public when the applications into the Nigerian Air Force through the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) program is out. The DSSC is a 6 month program which leads to the award of a commission in the Nigerian Air Force. The successful candidates will be commissioned as Flying […]

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NAF Ranks and Salary 2024 (Nigerian Air Force)

If you are interested in knowing the NAF Ranks and their salaries, then you are in the right place. If you also interested in Joining The NAF (Nigerian Air Force), but you’re not sure about what their ranks look like Or maybe you’re curious about how much you could be paid in NAF in 2024. […]

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Meaning Of BMTC In The Nigerian Air Force

BMTC Meaning in the Nigerian Air Force is what many people who are applying for the Nigerian Air Force Recruitment don’t know. Some are still confused when they come across the name BMTC in the Nigerian Air Force. Not to worry, we will explain to you the meaning of BMTC in the Nigerian Air Force […]

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Nigeria AirForce Training Allowance 2024 (NAF)

Talking about the Nigerian AirForce Training Allowances, it is the allowance that is paid to the Nigeria AirForce Students who are on training just the same way we have the Nigerian Navy Training Allowance. The Nigeria AirForce Training Allowance which is also known as NAF training allowance is in three categories, The training allowance paid […]

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Air Force Salary In Nigeria 2024 (Updated)

As you all know, The Nigerian Air Force is one of the most important part of military organization in Nigeria. Every year, many people dream of joining the Air Force because of the good salary and Allowances. But what is the Air Force salary in Nigeria 2024? In this article, we will discuss the latest […]

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Nigerian Air Force DSSC Requirements 2024

The Nigerian Air Force is DSSC which also means Direct Short Service is a type of recruitment which is organized by the Nigerian Air Force for candidates who are interested in joining the Nigerian Air Force as a graduate. One thing about this recruitment is that most people don’t know the requirements needed before you […]

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Nigerian Air Force Recruitment Portal 2024

The Nigerian Air Force recruitment portal is the official website where interested candidates can apply to become a part of the Nigerian Air Force. The website provides information on the recruitment process, qualifications, and benefits of joining the Nigerian Air Force. You can visit the website to learn more about the Nigerian Air Force, or […]

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NAF Application Form 2024/2025 And Portal

NAF Application Form 2024/2025 And Portal. The Nigerian Air Force also known as NAF is the branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces which consists of the Army, Navy and the Air Force. They are the ones who are in charge of protecting the Nigerian territory through the Air. In this post, we will be discussing […]

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SSCE Rank In Air Force And Salary 2024

The Nigerian Air Force is one of the best force in Nigeria. They are part of the Nigerian military which is in charge of the Air protection of the Nigerian’s territory. The SSCE certificate holders has the rank that is meant for them. That is when you join the Air Force, there is a rank […]