How To Check Your BVN Number On MTN Network

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MTN Users users can now be able to check their BVN number using their mobile phone and the registered phone number. The good thing about it is that you don’t even need any internet connection before this can be achieved. All you need is to dial a code and your BVN number will be displayed … Read more

How To Change The Name On Your BVN Online 2023

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Since the introduction of BVN by the CBN, there has been many questions about changing the name on the BVN. Many people tends to change the name on their BVN because of error during the registration or change of name. But the question is how can I achieve this without going through the stress of … Read more

How To Change Your BVN Date Of Birth Online 2023

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Since the introduction of BVN which means Bank verification number by the central bank, there are many case of many people wanting to correct some things which are present on the BVN and this includes date of birth. Changing your BVN date of birth has many procedures and it can be so stressful, that’s why … Read more

How To Change Your BVN Phone Number Online 2023

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Many people use to get confused whenever there is issues with their BVN which also means bank verification number. The reason is because there are many procedures to follow before you can change anything on your BVN or correct anything. Now this is where people starts looking for shortcuts on how to do those things … Read more