How To Change The Name On Your BVN Online 2023


Since the introduction of BVN by the CBN, there has been many questions about changing the name on the BVN. Many people tends to change the name on their BVN because of error during the registration or change of name. But the question is how can I achieve this without going through the stress of visiting the bank, that’s why we wrote this article on How To Change The Name On Your BVN Online 2023.

The Name on your BVN is the name that is generally accepted by all the banks you are banking with. Once you use a different name apart from the one in your bvn, it’s likely that your account will be suspended by the bank until the name is changed to match the Name on your BVN.

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BVN which means Bank Verification Number is the number that is given to every Account holder in Nigeria. As it is now, without bvn, you cannot be able to operate in any bank in Nigeria. Before we go into how to change the name on your BVN, There are some requirements needed for you to be able to achieve that. Let’s look at the requirements.

How To Change The Name On Your BVN Online

Requirements Needed To Change The Name On Your BVN 2023

  1. National Identification Card, Voters Card Or International Passport
  2. BVN Number
  3. Name On The Account
  4. News Paper Publication
  5. Date Of Birth
  6. Court Affidavit
  7. Name you wish to change which must appear in the Newspaper publication Court affidavit
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To get a court Affidavit, you need to visit any recognized court in Nigeria and swear court Abdavis which you will present to the bank telling them your new name. Please note that you may be required to pay a fee for that.


To get a Newspaper publication, you need to visit any recognized Newspaper publication center near you and request that you changed your name and need a newspaper publication on that. Please note that you may be requested to pay a fee before that can be done.

Note that for you to be able to change the name, you need to visit the same bank where you obtained your BVN number.

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