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How To Change Your BVN Phone Number Online 2024

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Many people use to get confused whenever there is issues with their BVN which also means bank verification number. The reason is because there are many procedures to follow before you can change anything on your BVN or correct anything. Now this is where people starts looking for shortcuts on how to do those things online without visiting the bank and that brought us to this article how to change your BVN phone number online 2024.

Bvn Phone number is the number which is associated with your bvn. It is the number that is used when registering your bvn. Some people have been asking for instructions on how to change their bank verification number phone number online. This has been one of the major problems some guys normally face since CBN Instructs every bank to carry out BVN for every Account. In this article, we are going to discuss how to change your bvn phone number online.

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How To Change Your BVN Phone Number Online

Firstly we are going to discuss reasons why some people wish to change their bvn phone number.

1. Loss of Phone number
2. When you no longer wish to use a phone number
3. When you have issues with your network provider concerning the phone number associated with your bvn.
4. You are unable to do a welcome back for your lost sim.

Requirements Needed To Change Your BVN Phone Number.

  • National Identification Number (NIN) or
    Voters Card or International Passport
  • Your new phone number which you want to use
  • The number you wish to change.
  • BVN Number
  • Date Of Birth
  • Name On The Account

All these requirements are needed because it’s what is going to show that you are the original owner of the account you wish to change the bvn phone number.

For you to be able to change your bank verification number phone number online, you need to first message the bank in which you obtained your bank verification number through their email address. You can visit any of their official websites to obtain their email address or through their mobile app. You can as well visit any of the bank branches to obtain their email address.

Tell them you wish to change your bank verification number and phone number.
You may be asked to Scan and upload the copy of your ID card and the phone number which you want to change and the new phone number, the BVN number Your Name, and Date Of Birth.

As you all know different banks have their own policy. You may also be asked to visit any of their branch close to you for further assistance.

Though recently, there is an update that before you can change your BVN phone number online, you need to visit the bank in which the BVN was obtained.

Also note that when visiting any of the branches, you must go along with all the requirements mentioned above before they can be able to assist you.

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