National Diploma Rank In Immigration And Salary 2023

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For those who want to join the Immigration Service in Nigeria, it’s a good decision and it’s one of the best Paramilitary organization in Nigeria you can ever dream of joining. In this post, we will only be discussing the National diploma rank in Immigration Service and how much they are entitled to as monthly salary.

For those who don’t know what National Diploma Stands For, National diploma also called ND or OND in short is a type of certificate which is issued to Candidates mostly by the Polytechnics in Nigeria after completion of a two year program. Those who possess the qualifications have higher chances of getting direct entry into any University of their choice.

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National diploma rank in Immigration

So talking about the National diploma rank, it’s very simple to understand as the Nigeria Immigration has mapped out the basic salary which is meant for each qualification unlike the Nigerian Army which NCE, ND and SSCE holders are paid the same salary except you are a graduate.

Please note that when we talk about the National diploma rank in Immigration, We also mean OND Rank In Immigration. So now, What is the OND Rank In Immigration?

OND Rank In Immigration

OND Rank In Immigration is the rank which is given to those who joined the immigration Service with OND certificate. They are placed above those who joined the immigration Service with SSCE certificate and below those who joined the immigration Service with HND and BSC certificate holders.

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National Diploma Rank In Immigration

The National diploma rank in Immigration is Assistant Inspector Of Immigration and they are paid about N95,000 as starting salary and the salary also increases as they increase in their years of service.

Please note that with this Qualification, you can’t attain the highest rank in the immigration Service. To get to the highest rank, you need to have HND, BSC or it’s equivalent.

Note that those who joined the immigration with HND or BSC are paid higher than those who joined with Higher Diploma. You can read about the immigration Service Salary For Graduates.

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For those who also want to know how much is paid to all ranks in the Nigeria Immigration Service, we have also written a post about the immigration salary and ranks 2023.

If you want to join the Nigeria Immigration, we have written about how to join the Nigerian Immigration Service and the requirements needed.

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