NCC Nigeria Salary And Allowances 2023


NCC Nigeria Salary And Allowances 2023.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is the independent regulatory authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. The commission is responsible for the regulation and supervision of the telecommunications industry in Nigeria with the aim of creating a level playing field and ensuring the provision of quality service to consumers.

The commission is headed by a board of nine commissioners who are appointed by the President of Nigeria on the advice of the Nigerian Senate. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is vested with the power to issue licenses, monitor and enforce compliance with the terms and conditions of those licenses, and to revoke the licenses.

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NCC Nigeria Salary and Allowances

The commission is also responsible for the allocation and administration of the radio spectrum, and for the promotion of competition in the telecommunications market.


Previously we wrote about an article about the highest Salary Earners in Nigeria, many people requested to know how much is paid to the NCC. So how much is the NCC Salary 2023? and allowance which is paid to their staff. Read on as gives you every detail you need to know about the NCC Nigeria Salary and Allowances 2023.

NCC Nigeria Salary And Allowances 2023

Before we talk about the allowances of the NCC Nigeria, let’s first look at the Salary.

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NCC Salary 2023

The basic salary paid to an entry-level graduate at level 8 is about N100,000 monthly before confirming the appointment. The salary may increase up to N130,000 after confirmation.

Now that we know the basic salary of the NCC, let’s now look at the Allowances.


NCC Allowances 2023

The NCC has a series of Allowance paid to it’s workers according to reports. When calculated, an entry-level graduate of NCC goes home monthly with an allowance of between N20,000 – N50,000.

Please note that this NCC Salary And Allowances is an estimation according to the information gathered from the staffs of the NCC.

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NCC is a great place if you possess HND or BSC because that’s when you will be paid a better salary and Allowances.

For more information, you can visit the NCC official website

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