NCE Rank In Immigration And Salary 2023

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Many people who are interested in joining the Nigeria Immigration Service service with NCE Certificate has been asking this question about which rank will be giving to them on completion of their training with the immigration Service. In this post, we will explain everything you need to know about the NCE Rank in immigration and how much the rank receives as monthly salary.

The Nigeria Immigration Service are in charge of issuing passport and Visa in the country and also tackle illegal immigration and other services related to immigration.

Please note that we will only be discussing about the NCE Rank in Immigration and salary as we have previously written a post about the Complete Salary and Ranks In the Nigeria Immigration.

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NCE Rank In Immigration

As we have explained earlier in our previous post on the SSCE Salary In Immigration Service, the NCE Certificate holders are placed above those who joined the immigration Service with SSCE certificate. For example, the SSCE certificate holder’s rank starts from passport Officer while the NCE Rank is higher than that of the passport Officers.

NCE Rank In Immigration

The NCE Rank In Immigration is Assistant Inspector Of Immigration (AII). They are always placed at Level 6 which is above the SSCE certificate holders.

NCE Salary In Immigration

The NCE Salary In Immigration is about N60,000 – N90,000 depending on the years of service. The more you stay in the service, the more your salary is likely to be increased.

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So if you are an NCE holder and wish to join the Nigeria Immigration Service, this is the salary you should expect. Though the salary may be small but it’s better than the salary of some other paramilitary organizations in Nigeria as the immigration Service is the highest paid Paramilitary organization in Nigeria.

Another thing you should also note is that you can also upgrade yourself while on service by getting a higher qualification and then enroll for upgrade.

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