Nigerian Navy Salary 2023, Ranks And Allowances

Nigerian Navy Salary 2023, Ranks And Allowances. (Naval Officers salary)

The Nigerian Navy is one of the most important branches of the Nigerian military, and its members are responsible for protecting the country’s territorial waters. As with any other branch of the military, the Nigerian Navy has its own ranks and salaries. The same way The Nigerian Air Force Salary, Ranks And Allowances and the Nigerian Army Salary, Ranks And Allowances is explained, we will also break down the Nigerian Navy Salary 2023, ranks and Allowances.

The Different Ranks In The Nigerian Navy

The Nigerian Navy is one of the three branches of the Nigerian Armed Forces. The other branches are the Army and the Air Force, The Nigerian Navy’s salary structure is based on rank and seniority. There are two levels of ranks in the Nigerian Navy. Junior and Senior. The Junior rank is the lowest rank in the Navy and the Senior rank is the highest. Naval officers start at the Junior rank and progress through the Senior ranks as they gain experience and move up the ladder. Salaries in the Nigerian Navy are based on these ranks.

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Nigerian Navy salary

How much each rank earns in the Nigerian Navy

A Nigerian Navy salary is highly dependent on rank. Entry-level ratings salary is about ₦53,000 per month, while those with more experience can earn salaries of up to ₦200,000 per month. The entry-level officers which is the midshipman salary is about ₦220,000. There are also allowances and other benefits that come with Navy service, which can add an extra ₦30,000 or more to your salary.

Nigerian Navy Salary 2023 And Ranks

Nigerian Navy Salary For Commissioned officers

  1. Admiral is paid N2,524,299 monthly
  2. Vice-Admiral earns N1,876,091 monthly
  3. Rear Admiral collects N1,366,393  monthly
  4. Commodore is paid N744,570 monthly salary
  5. Captain Earns N458,074 monthly
  6. Lieutenant collects N292,494 as monthly
  7. Sub-Lieutenant is paid N217,459 monthly
  8. Midshipman earns N200,199 monthly
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Nigerian Navy Salary 2023 For Non Commissioned Officers

  1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer is paid N155,655 Monthly
  2. Chief Petty Officer Collects N120,572 monthly
  3. Petty Officer is paid N90,254 monthly
  4. Leading Seaman earns N72,659 monthly
  5. Able Seaman Collects N68,850 monthly
  6. Seaman is Paid N58,005 monthly.
  7. Ordinary Seaman earns N53,851 monthly
  8. Trainee is paid N10,220 monthly

Nigerian Navy Allowances

Nigerian Navy salaries are among the best in the country. Officers salary starts from around ₦220,000 per month, while seaman receives around ₦58,000 a month. Naval personnels are also given some allowances the Same way the other forces has their own Allowance.

Nigerian Navy Allowance 2023

  • Transport Allowance,
  • Housing Allowance,
  • Special duty allowance.
  • Special Force Allowance.
  • Uniform Allowance
  • Operation Allowance
  • In addition to all of this, personnel is also given free medical care.
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Nigerian Navy Training Allowances

Trainees in the Nigerian Navy are also entitled to some allowances throughout their period of training. So if you are interested in joining the Nigerian Navy, it’s good you have an idea of what you are going to face there. Below is the allowances paid to Trainees in the Nigerian Navy.

  1. Trainee is paid about N10,000 – 12,000 per month.
  2. Nigerian Navy Short Service Cadets are Paid about N15,000 to 20,000 monthly.
  3. Nigerian Navy Regular Cadets who are on training in the Nigerian Defence Academy are paid about N25,000 – N30,000 Monthly.

The above figures is the current Nigerian Navy salary 2023.

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