Richest Musicians in the World 2023 (Top 5)

The Richest Musicians in the world are not into music alone, The have many other businesses he does in order to keep the money flourishing just like the highest paid Footballers in the world.

To progress in life, one has to involve in many sources of income to get money. If you solely depends on One source, what if it collapse or what if that source stops yielding profits?.

Richest Musicians in the World

Many known Musicians around the world also invest in other businesses apart from music, so also are the richest Musician in the world.

Richest Musicians in the world 2023

5. Paul McCartney. ($1.08 BILLION)

Paul McCartney is a talented Multi-Isntrumentalist, who was born on the 18th of June 1942 in England. He lived and grew up in Liverpool where he worked with a group called the Quarrymen in 1957 as a co-writer.

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He wrote more than 30 songs which got into the peak of Top 100 in the billboard which made him recognized by Guinness Book of Record.

4. Andrew Lloyd Webber. ($1.2 BILLION)

Andrew Lloyd Webber is a musician, songwriter, composer and business man who was born on the 22nd of March 1948.

His journey into the world of music began when he was 6 years Old as he was very good in playing the french horn, violin and piano.

He is a very popular musician in the world as his exposure to music started at a very tender age, making perfect in all his endeavors.

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3. Jay Z. ($1.4 BILLION)

Jay Z is a well known Musician who has won more than 15 Grammy awards and has sold over hundred million albums and records.

He was born on the 4th of December 1969 in Brooklyn New York City; a record label known as Roc-A-Fella Records and a sport company call Roc Nation Sports belongs to him.

He is also known for investing on real estate, art and liquor. He is good business man. He is number 3 on our list of the richest Musicians in the world 2023.

2. Rihanna. ($1.7 BILLION)

Rihanna the wife to Asap Rocky is on the second position as she holds the record of the highest paid female musician in the world and the richest female musician in the world.

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Although, 90% of her wealth is not from music rather, it’s from her cosmetic business known as Fenty beauty and a lingerie brand called Savage x Fenty. Rihanna is number 2 on our list of the richest Musicians in the world 2023

1. Kanye West. ($2 BILLION)

Kanye west is the richest Musician in the world 2023 with a record of selling over 140 million copies of his music albums. He has won over 20 Grammys.

Kanye west is also into Businesses such as real estate, brand endorsement and clothing as he has many boutiques under his name.

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