Strongest Military In Africa

Top 20 Strongest Military In Africa 2024

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Africa is a home to many nations with strong and fearless military and also Paramilitary. In this article, Gistbriefly will only be talking about the top 20 strongest military in Africa. We will also be discussing their capabilities, equipment, and contributions to fights like the ECOWAS United Nations and others Fights concerning the International Communities.

When ever we talk about the strongest military in Africa, there are some countries your mind will first go to. Example of those countries are Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and Algeria, These military mentioned above exhibit strength, professionalism, and a commitment to safeguarding their nations.

Yes we know that some of those countries mentioned above has their own internal insurgency they are facing but their ability to combat and still maintain stability since the fight is what is important.

Strongest Military In Africa

Let’s take Nigeria for instance, Nigeria has been battling with Boko Haram, Bandits and even Fulani herdsmen, but till date, they still maintain momentum at the moment and they still take part in some of the international conflicts.

Please note that the Strongest military is based on the strength of the Army, Navy and also AirForce. A country may have a strong Army and their Air Force is not very strong, because of that, they won’t be able to make the list at where you may want to see them.

Now let’s see the strongest military in Africa and their military strength.

Top 20 Strongest Military In Africa

  • Egypt

The strongest military in Africa Presently is Egypt Military. Egypt Military has one of the world’s most Strongest military. They are one of the country in Africa that has advanced technology, a well trained army, and a powerful air force,

Egypt Military is one of the military in Africa that maintains a very strong Defence. The Egyptian military plays a significant role in ensuring that there is peace and calmness in their region.

Egypt Military is also one of the military in Africa that has a history of participating in peacekeeping missions.

  • Algeria

Algeria is the Africa’s Largest country. At least you should know that having a Large Country, You should be able to provide the military which can be able to protect the country with maximum security.

As Africa’s largest country, Algeria maintains a very strong military. The Algeria Military also have purchased modern equipments and a very well trained military. Algeria’s military is always prepared to defend the nation’s borders and combat terrorism. Algeria is also known for its counterterrorism efforts and their contributions to stability and peace in the Country.

They have also participated in some of the peace keeping Missions in Africa and the world at large. They are number 2 on our list of the Strongest military in Africa 2024.

  • South Africa

South Africa is another African Country that has a very strong military. The South Africa’s military which is also known as the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), has a highly professional and well trained Soldiers. It has an advanced capabilities, including a strong air force and navy.

Their Air Force can boast of new fighting jets and new advanced helicopter gunship. Not just that, Their Navy is one of the best when also rating only the Navy.

The SANDF has also participated in peacekeeping missions and has also been contributing to security of their regions.

The South African Military is the number 3 on our list of the strongest military in Africa.

  • Nigeria

Nigeria which is also known as giant of Africa is a very strong country in Africa. Nigeria has one of the largest military in Africa.

The Nigerian army, navy, and air force work day and night to secure the nation and combat most of the country’s threats. The Nigerian military is equipped with modern weapons, They also build some of the Armoured vehicles which they are using for some of their missions. The Nigerian Military receive one of the best training of the military you can ever imagined.

The Nigerian Military has contributed in most of the conflicts that has happened in Africa. They have been in many peacekeeping operation which includes Ecomog and United Nations.

The Nigerian military is number 4 on our list of the strongest military in Africa 2024

Their contributions to peacekeeping operations in Africa are notable.

  • Ethiopia

The number 5 on our list of the strongest military in Africa is Ethiopia’s military. The Ethiopia’s military plays an important role in maintaining stability in the country and the bothers also. The Ethiopia’s military has a very large number of Army and has also gotten some modern equipment to help them in combating terrorism in the country.

Ethiopia as a country is always well prepared to fight and tackle any  security challenges. The country’s military has contributed in some of the peacekeeping missions in the world. Ethiopia’s military has proven to be one of the strongest in Africa because of the strong Security of the Country.

  • Angola

Angola being number 6 on our list of the strongest military in Africa shows that the country has a very strong Force which includes Navy, Army and Air Force.

The Angola’s military which is also referred to as the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), has gone through many new modernization. What we mean by modernization is that they has bought some new military fighting equipments like Jets, Gunships and other fighting equipment’s.

The Angola’s military FAA is focused on protecting the nation’s territory and and fighting any  threats that is focused on the country.

The Angola’s military is also involved in peacekeeping missions and some other African warfare activities.

  • Morocco

Morocco is another African Country with a very strong military. Morocco’s military which is known as the Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces are known for their professionalism and capabilities. Morocco is one of the African countries that invests much in modern equipment and training of their Soldiers. Morocco maintains a strong defense when it comes to protecting their country. The Morocco’s military is always contributing to peacekeeping missions and also plays a very important roles in the security of the country.

  • Sudan

Let’s talk about the Sudan’s military. Whenever we talk about strong military in Africa, you must hear of Sudan’s military. Their military has a very strong presence in Africa.

The Sudan’s military also known as The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) are responsible for maintaining internal security and defending the nation’s borders. Sudan has contributed Soldiers to different peacekeeping missions just like the other African countries we mentioned above. Sudan’s military is number 8 on our list of the strongest military in Africa 2024.

  • Kenya

The Kenya’s Military is number 9 on our list of the strongest military in Africa 2024. The Kenya’s military is a well respected military in East Africa and in the whole Afriy.

The Kenya’s military also called The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has many advanced capabilities and modern weapons. They are also one of the country in Africa that has contributed in Peace keeping Missions in Africa and the world.

Kenya’s Military also has special Forces which is responsible for countering terrorism and maintaining stability in the country.

  • Tunisia

Coming at number 10 on our list of the strongest military in Africa is Tunisia’s Military. Tunisia’s military are in charge of safeguarding the nation’s. The Tunisia’s military known as the Tunisian Armed Forces also have modern equipment and are prepared to fight and tackle any form of threats coming to the country.

Tunisia military also participate in a of the international Security Challenge and they are well recognized in the whole of Africa.

  • Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s military made our list at number 11. The Zimbabwe’s military also known as the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), is in charge of protecting the nation’s interests and maintaining security just like most of the African countries we have mentioned above.

The ZDF has also send their Soldiers to many peacekeeping missions and they always delivers.

Zimbabwe as a country is one of the peaceful country in the world. And you know to get that kind of peace, there is also a lot of sacrifices which must have been done by the military of that nation.

  • Rwanda

Rwanda is another country in Africa which has a very strong and professional Military. Rwanda’s military is mostly known for their discipline and professionalism.

The Rwanda’s military is also refered to The Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) is always contributing to most of the regional security and some peacekeeping missions.

Rwanda is one of the country in Africa that has less crime rate and this is possible because of the strong military and their activeness in the duties. They are always committed to maintaining stability in their Country. The Rwanda’s military made our list at number 12 of the strongest military in Africa 2024.

  • Uganda

Uganda is one of the most peaceful country in Africa. This is one of the reason you should know that their military is at work. Although they have some other Paramilitary agency, their Military is also contributing a lot to maintain peace and stability in the country. Uganda’s military also refered to as the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) is very well equipped military. They also have a professionally trained Soldiers who are always ready to fight each time the need arises.

Uganda’s military is one of the African Military which is also participating counterterrorism operations and peacekeeping missions. They made our list of the strongest military in Africa at number 13.

  • Ghana

This list would have not been complete if we never mentioned Ghanaian’s Military. The Ghana’s Military is also known as the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF),

They maintains a strong defence when it comes to protecting their country. The GAF always contributes to peacekeeping missions and and some other security Security Challenges.

Ghana’s Military plays a vital role in maintaining stability in West Africa and the whole of Africa. The Ghana’s Military made our list at number 14.

  • Mozambique

Many European Countries may not know that Mozambique is an African country because of the calmness of the country.

Mozambique as a country is very calm because of the activeness of their military. The Mozambique’s Military is very up and doing. They are always there when the need arises. Though they have not fought many wars like some of the African Countries we mentioned above, the Also have a very strong military which is protecting their territory.

Mozambique’s military also known as the Mozambique Armed Defense Forces (FADM), are in charge of protecting the nation and countering security threats coming From within the country or outside the country.

The FADM are always participating in many security operations and they also contributes to peacekeeping missions by sending some Soldiers or Equipment for the Mission. They made the list of the strongest military in Africa at number 15.

  • Chad

Chad is a country that has borders with Nigeria which has already been listed as one of the strongest military in Africa 2024. Chad’s military also known as the Chadian National Military, is known for its combat experience and capabilities.

They have fought in some joint task Force with Countries like Nigeria, Cameroon and Niger. They are also fighting Boko Haram as they share the same borders with Nigeria which is the main base of the terrorists.

The Chadian military presently is also participating in fighting Boko Haram in conjunction with the Nigerian Military. They also contributes Soldiers to peacekeeping missions. They are number 16 on our list of the top 20 strongest military in Africa 2024.

  • Cameroon

Cameroon’s military is one of the best and strong military in Africa. The cameroon’s military also refered to as The Cameroonian Armed Forces is also involved in combating Boko Haram terrorist group as they also share borders with the Northern Nigeria where is the stronghold of the terrorists. They also have new modern fighting equipments and they train their men to be one of the best in Africa.

The Cameroon’s Military is number 17 on our list of the Strongest military in Africa.

  • Congo

Congo which is popularly known as The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the strongest military in Africa with a defense budget of  about $162 million.

According to reports and research, The congo Armed Forces has 41 aircraft, 175 fighting tanks, and 22 naval assets, Their military is also said to have no Frigates, Destroyers, Corvettes, or submarines. They has about 134,000 active personnel and has no reserve personnel.

The republic of Congo military made our list at number 18 of the strongest military in Africa 2024.

  • Libya

Libyan Military made our list at number 19 of the strongest military in Africa. The Libyan military I said to have faced their first civil war in the year 2011, That Civil war brought an end to Muammar Gaddafi’s rule.

Libyan Military has also bought many newly modernized fighting equipments and their men is also going through the newly introduced military training to strengthen their men.

  • Tunisia

The Last on our list of the strongest military in Africa 2024 is the Tunisian Military. Tunisia’s military was founded on 30th June, 1956 and their headquarters is located at Tunis.

They also has service branches just like other countries military which include: Army, Navy, and Air Force. The Tunisian military has about 89,800 personnels who are well trained and maintained to defend the country. They also have many modern weapons and armor which is also the reason why their military strength increased.

The list above is the list of the strongest military in Africa 2024.

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