Highest Paid Paramilitary In Nigeria 2023 And Their Salaries

As most Nigerians know, the country has a number of paramilitary organizations whose members are responsible for maintaining law and order. While their roles are essential to the functioning of our society, many people are curious about the salaries of these paramilitary Organizations and which one is the most paid Paramilitary Organization in Nigeria Presently. […]

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Nigerian Police Short Service Course Recruitment 2023/2024

The Nigerian Police Short Service course is a type of recruitment in the Nigerian Police that is meant for graduates. This simply means that you need to be a Graduate before you can be able to join the Nigerian Police Force through the Short Service course. Normally The Nigerian Police does not have any type […]

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Nigeria Immigration Training Allowance 2023

The Nigeria Immigration Service has updated a new allowance for training purposes. This allowance is available to all Nigerian Immigration Trainees who are undergoing Training to become a Nigerian Immigration Staff. The Nigerian Immigration Service is one of the Paramilitary agency in Nigeria with a well-organized salary structure. The salaries range from N50,000 per month […]

HND Rank In Custom

HND Rank In Custom And Salary 2023

HND Rank In Custom And Salary 2023. The Nigeria Customs service is one of most important paramilitary organization in Nigeria which has been in existence even before the Nigerian Independence. They are the Paramilitary agency which is in charge of collecting Customs duty and also fights illegal smuggling of materials into the country. The Custom […]

BSC Rank in custom

BSC Rank In Custom And Salary 2023

BSC Rank in Custom. The Nigerian Custom service is the Paramilitary agency in Nigeria which is in charge of the collection of customs revenue, Facilitation of both national and international trade, anti-smuggling and security activities. The Custom service is one of the best Paramilitary organization in Nigeria. Apart from being one of the best Paramilitary […]

NDLEA Training Duration

NDLEA Training Duration And Allowance 2023

Those who have interest in joining the NDLEA which means National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has been asking questions about how long their training last. In this post we will discuss about the NDLEA training duration and few things about the allowance as we have previously written a post about the NDLEA training allowance and […]

NDLEA Salary For BSC

NDLEA Salary For BSC Holders And Ranks 2023

NDLEA Salary For BSC certificate holders is what many people who are interested in joining the NDLEA with BSC certificate do ask. Though we have mentioned how much is paid to BSC certificate holders on our previous post about the NDLEA Salary and ranks. In this post we will only be talking about the NDLEA […]

Police And Army Salary In Nigeria

Police And Army Salary In Nigeria 2023

Police And Army Salary In Nigeria. Police And Army are two different organization in Nigeria which their primary role is to protect the citizens of the country. Though they both do it in different ways. The Army is in charge of protecting the country from any external forces which may likely hurt the country or […]

SSCE Rank In Immigration

SSCE Rank In Immigration And Salary 2023

The SSCE Rank In Immigration and Salary which is paid to them is the one of the questions those who wish to join the Nigerian Immigration Service do ask. The Nigeria Immigration Service is one the best Paramilitary organization in Nigeria Presently as they offer one of the best recruitment and also pay better salary […]