Nigeria Army Salary And Allowance 2023


The salary and allowance of a Nigeria Army soldier is paid monthly. The Nigeria army has grown from about 50,000 to over 126,000 personnel over the years. The increase in the number of soldiers is a reflection of the success of the army’s response to the crisis in the country. Before we talk about the … Read more

Nigeria Army Training Allowance 2023


The Nigeria Army Training Allowance has remained the same for some years now and recently in 2023, there is an update concerning the current rate of the training allowance for the Nigerian Army. The Nigeria Army Training Allowance is the Allowance which is paid to the Nigerian Army Trainees who are still under training. This … Read more

NMS Admission 2023/2024 (Nigerian Military School)

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NMS Admission 2023/2024 which also means Nigerian Military School is a type of admission meant for primary school students who want to enter secondary School and they wish to be a soldier in their career. On completion of the SSS 3, they graduate to become a soldier in the Nigerian Army after completing there SSCE. … Read more

Nigerian Police Academy Courses 2023/2024

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Nigerian Police Academy Courses 2023/2024. Many people who want to study in the Nigerian Police Academy Polac has been asking this question about the courses which is offered in the Nigerian Police Academy. In this post we will list the faculties available in the Nigerian Police Academy and course you can choose from if you wish … Read more

Nigeria Police Cadet ASP Recruitment 2023

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If you are on this page, You may have known what Cadet ASP Recruitment is all about. The Nigeria Police Cadet ASP Recruitment is the type of recruitment which is designed by the Nigerian Police to take in graduates into the Nigerian Police as Nigerian Police Officers. This simple means that before you can join … Read more